Tuesday, April 14, 2009

City councilman proposing local incentive

Did you catch today's excerpt from Adam Kealoha Causey's city council story?

"Councilman Calvin Lester has proposed local incentives for the film industry.

"Among them: Up to $150,000 from city coffers for first-time movie, TV commercial or music video productions that spend up to $300,000 in Shreveport on lodging, equipment or space rental and other supplies.

"Essentially, the city would return sales tax revenue the companies spent, Lester said."

Causey will continue to follow the story this week. Keep your eye on it.

It's an interesting development, in light of the 3 percent tax rebate offered in Jefferson Parish, which is capped $100,000 for most projects.

It's also intriguing, when you consider this story about the development of the Louisiana Film Studios in Elmwood.

The incentives discussion, and intrastate competitiveness, is heating up.


JB Jones said...

This is all well and good, but it doesn't benifit the local filmmakers who work on very minimal to NO budget. Why do all the incentives have to be about money?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Calvin Lester going to Jail???

Alexandyr Kent said...

The Caddo Sheriff's Dept. and the state police are conducting an investigation and Lester will be charged if there is any wrongdoing, according to Times cops reporter Loresha Wilson.

Regarding the ongoing civil matter (construction dumping), that judgment is expected Monday. See the following link for info: