Friday, April 03, 2009

Director has a compelling view of self-distribution

Shreveport's Jeffrey Goodman is doing a whole lot of press about "The Last Lullaby," which opens May 1 in Bossier City. The director has been blogging for Moviemaker about self-distribution for a couple months, and today's entry is intriguing. He writes:

"I know I’m having to get out there and speak a great deal about the movie. But, I go on indieWIRE and see that Barry Jenkins (Medicine for Melancholy), Lance Hammer (Ballast), Azazel Jacobs (Momma’s Man), David Gordon Green (Snow Angels) and now Ramin Bahrani (Goodbye Solo) are all doing the same thing. And all of them are much more established than I am. So that at least tells me, in this current landscape, you can’t be an anti-social moviemaker.

"You can no longer just make your movie and know that people will be there to see it. Like a politician running for office, you have to be out there, among the people, talking about your work."

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PHOTO: Actress Sasha Alexander and director Jeffrey Goodman field questions about "The Last Lullaby" at the 2008 AFI Dallas Film Fest. (Alexandyr Kent/The Times)

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JB Jones said...

This guy and this movie are such an inspiration to me. I can't wait to see this movie.