Friday, April 10, 2009

Rating changed: 'Year One' now PG-13

Have no fear, blockbuster hopefuls. The MPAA has changed its "Year One" rating to PG-13 from R after director Harold Ramis and producer Judd Apatow made some cuts. Check out this Hollywood Reporter story.

"Year One," filmed primarily in Sibley on this set, opens June 19.


Chris Lyon said...

I don't know why... because I really don't care for Cera... but I want to see this film. Perhaps it's because I want to see what historical atrocities are committed. :P

JB Jones said...

I have no opinion of Cera one way or the other, but it is unfortunate how Hollywood latches onto only one or two newcomers at a time and saturates the market with them. It's also annoying how that actor is stuck for several years doing the same schtick over and over. It's like the Hollywood bigwigs are saying, "don't act or do anything new - just do that funny thing you did that one time OVER and OVER and OVER!"

They did it to Tom Hanks all through the eighties - until he finally had his "come back" with A League of Their Own. Perhaps one day Cera will play an alchoholic or a transvestite or a terminally ill person. Then, he can shed that schtick he does.