Thursday, December 14, 2006

Braugher nominated for Golden Globe. Go, Andre!

Shreveport has one very good reason to watch the Golden Globes. (Don't laugh.)

Actor Andre Braugher was nominated for his work in "Thief," the short-lived FX series shot in Shreveport (five episodes) and New Orleans (one episode). The actor won an Emmy for the role earlier this year.

It's partly a mystery why a critically acclaimed show intended for a full series had to be written off as a mini. Yes, not enough people watched it. But since when is popularity an accurate indicator of quality? Don't audiences eventually come around, at least sometimes?

When it comes to TV entertainment, public opinion can be downright dumb. The Emmy-awarding winning (insert chortle here) "Amazing Race" survives for years, and "Thief" kicks the early bucket? "Amazing Race" is a vacation slide show of Ugly Americanism. "Thief?" A well-written, superbly edited examination of fatherhood, morality, race, loyalty and the choices complicating them all.

The show's lack of buzz or image was a marketing nightmare, yes. But can't the same be said for the early days of "The Shield?" I wish FX and audiences would have invested more in "Thief."

The Golden Globes will air 7 p.m. Jan. 15 on NBC.

Does Shreveport have a shot at the Oscars? Sienna Miller's turn in "Factory Girl" (Dec. 29) is the last remaining hope.


Doink said...

I was behind Andre at the traffic light there where Knight Street (which you young bloggers probably call Preston Ave) intersects Shreveport-Barksdale Highway, by the Exxon station, near where they're puting in that Wal-Mart atrocity. What has this world come to? Anyway, Andre was driving a silver BMW... I'm not too familiar with the models, but it was sure a pretty automobile. Some moron three cars back slept through the arrow, and ALL had to wait through another cycle. Andre didn't honk or ram the guy's car or anything. He sat there patiently with the rest of us. He is truly a magnificent human being and a fine actor.

At least I think it was him. I could only see the back of his head.

Doink said...

Oh.. apologies if I posted that more than once. I love clicking that "publish your comment" button. Makes me feel like a big man - like Andre!