Thursday, December 21, 2006

Indie filmmakers making 'Awkward Olympics' for Christmas

Daniel Lachman, a local indie filmmaker, is teaming up with friends to make "Awkward Olympics," a parodic short. They shot it this week. They will edit it in a matter of days. I hope we all get to see it for Christmas. (No pressure, Daniel.)

Check out Lachman's picture. His turn as a sports anchor who exudes contempt for his audience looks strangely captivating. I'm excited to hear someone chew off this line from the script: "No, I’m pretty sure the Germans are going to win, they’re pretty aggressive, for instance, they’ve killed at least one person every year in the rage cage events."

I'm guessing the short will be posted on the following two websites, which are run by groups that helped make it.

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Evan Falbaum said...

A behind the scenes montage which will later be found on the DVD can be downloaded here: