Tuesday, December 12, 2006

'Hurricane on the Bayou' IMAX movie opening Dec. 23

A new film examining the health of south Louisiana's wetlands is coming to the IMAX theater at Shreveport's Sci-Port Discovery Center. It will open Dec. 23 for a three-month run of daily screenings.

In early 2005, the makers of "Hurricane on the Bayou" began filming a "what if" documentary about the dangers hurricanes posed to the depleted wetlands and a vulnerable New Orleans.

They were planning to employ digital effects to map out damage potential until Hurricane Katrina slammed into the coast in August.

"Hurricane on the Bayou" now includes pre- and post-Katrina footage.

Mark Olsen reviewed the documentary for the Los Angeles Times in September. He wrote: "Seen on an Imax screen, the now-familiar imagery of the devastation in New Orleans and other areas takes on a new resonance as the sheer size of the affected areas is felt more fully. The format likewise brings into sharp focus the scope of wetlands being lost." For Olsen's full review, click here.

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