Thursday, December 14, 2006

Local children's theater pioneer dies

Isobel Rudy died today. She was the cofounder of the Peter Pan Players theater troupe in Shreveport. The children's theater company was, and still is, driven by her lifelong passion for putting kids on the stage. Since the company produces many Disney musicals, it's safe to say she and her many casts share a deep respect for the big screen.

Here is a link to news of her death.

If you have memories of Miss Iz, please share them here or on the website (below the story in the comments field).

Photo: Robert Ruiz/The Times.

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Patrick Kirton said...

Isobel Rudy was a joy! I worked with her on two shows, plus the fundraiser earlier in the year. During "Beauty and the Beast", she was so encouraging and helpful to me. I loved sitting in the audience with her during rehearsals and talking. Slumped in our chairs, eating chips and hanging out. Before each show, we sat in the dressing room and she applied my makeup. I loved that quiet time with her. That was our pre-show routine. After every performance she hugged me and I knew how proud she was of the show and our performances. I love her and always will.