Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What is on TV, film or DVD?

A reader contacted me today to ask what Shreveport-based movies/TV shows she can watch on DVD. To my knowledge, just "Road House 2."

Per her prompting, here's a list of projects that have finished shooting here.

Info about release dates (both theatrical and DVD) follows. If you know something I don't, please email me.

TV miniseries
Premiered on FX on March 28, 2006
Not yet available on DVD

“Not Like Everyone Else”
TV movie
Premiered on Lifetime on July 10, 2006
Not yet available on DVD

“Road House 2: Last Call”
Feature DVD
Released to stores on July 18, 2006

“The Guardian”
Feature film
Premiered in theaters on Sept. 29, 2006
DVD to be released on Jan. 23, 2007

“The Initiation of Sarah”
TV movie
Premiered on ABC Family on Oct. 22, 2006
Not yet available on DVD

“The Year Without a Santa Claus”
TV movie
Premieres on NBC on Dec. 11, 2006

“Factory Girl”
Feature film
Premieres in theaters on Dec. 29, 2006

Feature film
Premieres in theaters on March 16, 2007

“Mr. Brooks”
Feature film
Premieres in theaters on May 11, 2007

TV movie
Premieres on ESPN, ABC in June 2007

“Homeland Security”
Feature film
Theatrical premiere date for 2007 still TBD

TV pilot
Has not been released (anybody know?)

"The American Standards"
Feature film
Has not been released (anybody know?)


Chris Jay said...

No one ever talks about the bizarrely eclectic list of films produced here in the olden days. John Wayne's "Horse Soldiers" used Betty Virginia Park as a Civil War battleground, the Sidaris Brothers' movies blew up cars in the Louisiana Downs parking lot and gunned down b-list actors on the steps of the Chamber of Commerce.

I know this is a snarky answer to a straight question, but if you want to really laugh, get "Picasso Trigger" by the Sidaris Brothers - they shoot downtown Shreveport as PARIS!

Noma said...

I don't think we have to worry about "Not Like Everyone Else" going to DVD. That's one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

DoughnutJane said...

I am still waiting on the Roadhouse 2 soundtrack, with Larry Crowell and Dolla, to show up at the store. And though the movie was laughably terrible, it was still fun to watch and find all the Shreveport spots.