Monday, December 17, 2007

UPDATE: 'Blonde Ambition' isn't going straight to DVD

CORRECTED: The news isn't fantastic for anyone hoping to see "Blonde Ambition" take over a weekend box office. For it's first week, it won't get much of chance.

On Dec. 21, it will hit eight theaters in Texas (near Dallas), because that's the home state of its stars, Jessica Simpson and Luke Wilson. Check out this article on for more information. Will it ultimately get a wide release? "Once it opens, we'll assess how well it did," said publicist Elizabeth Wolfe.

Sony will be releasing the flick on DVD on Jan. 22, 2008, according to its website. Click here for more info. (From personal experience, can be a bit sketchy on dates, sometimes.)

All the news isn't so grim for Millennium Films, though, which backed the independent project.

Another of its Shreveport-based flicks, "Mad Money," stands to rake in some weekend coin when it opens nationally in theaters Jan. 18, 2008. The trailer is pretty fun. Stars Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes, and Ted Danson.

"Cloverfield" will come out Jan. 18, too, so "Mad Money" will have a tough go of it. But January always delivers box office surprises.


Patrick said...

Don't get me wrong, Jessica Simpson is beautiful, but that cover looks like a bad porno film.

Alexandyr Kent said...

You are correct, sir. Can I put you down for 10 copies, then?

tommy said...

I wuz an extra in this film, playing the hauntingly handsome construction worker, who gives jessica directions as she rides by on her bike. woo woo yeehaw spandex !! shame on you, patrick, for knowing what a porn film cover looks like.

patrick said...

Tommy, I only know what the cover looks like. Ha... And Alex, 5 will do. Thanks.