Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Strut on this, Tony Manero!

My recent audition for "Saturday Night Fever: Bradenton Beach Boogie" was a huge failure. The casting director said my tie was too short. It had shrunk from being marinated in pinot noir spittle for half the night.

I personally think the casting director was scared of what was in my pocket. It was either my cell phone (sized 1999) or that free bag of almonds from our reception table.

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago at a wedding reception. My wife, obviously proud, sent it to me.

Just so I'm not the only one humiliated, the guy on the left is Mark Koss, who lives in the Big D. The other guy, Mike Koss (right), fled to Japan.

I'm holding down center court, as always. Look at that stare. Too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan.

Sorry, ladies and gents. We're all taken. But this dance is on us. Merry Christmas.


m said...


Anonymous said...

Just like old times in the Big M

Alexandyr Kent said...

I love my cryptic friends. And they love my cryptic dance moves. It's a win-win.