Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Do you, too, overfeed on movies?

You know you've got an entertainment addiction when your favorite baked ziti recipe comes from "The Sopranos Family Cookbook." A friend, who will remain anonymous because I fear for my life, confessed that he's making this special dish tonight for his super lady-friend.

While I found the confession hilarious, I also identified. (Please don't have me whacked, anonymous friend.)

I, too, watch too many movies. I, too, take culinary cues from the big screen and the theater stage.

Favorite candy? Reese's Pieces. ("E.T.")

Favorite wine? The pinots. ("Sideways.")

Favorite healthy drink? Moloko. ("Clockwork Orange.")

Favorite bar food? Meat pies. ("Sweeney Todd" and "Titus Andronicus," thank you very much.)

Favorite dessert? Honey. (Figure it out.)

Right now I'm searching for a ratatouille recipe, because my wife thinks I'm Anton Ego. My ego also rivals Peter O'Toole's.

I want to know: Do you cook what you see on screen and stage? Do you have a favorite movie recipe and a shameful story to go with it?

Please embarrass yourself.


Noma said...

What? No sausage from Motel Hell?

Chris-Brad said...

I cannot say I have ever felt like cooking a particular dish (or the like) after watching a movie. But after watching the Kevin Smith flicks I always wonder how awesome it would be to work at Mooby's (or the QuickStop...although, I did do the convenience store gig during high school).

Alexandyr Kent said...

Mmm. Motel Hell Sausage. I wish they served that at Southfield Grill.

And I never did work at a convenience store, but I did enjoy the one dollar microwave chuckwagons back in the day.

Anonymous said...