Friday, April 04, 2008

The biggest celebrity guests in 'Soul Men?' Move over Isaac

Peabody Duck March
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We know "Soul Men" will draw moviegoers in October primarily because of its stars, Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac. But the producers have other aces up their sleeves. Also on the card are appearances by Isaac Hayes and John Legend. (I just heard a certain fawning reporter gasp and faint to the ground in a heap.)

What cameos will be the biggest, though? A case could be make for the Peabody ducks of the Peabody Memphis Hotel. (Are they SAG? They had those little waddlers working until 2 a.m. "Somebody quack my agent!") Read all about it in today's story from the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

The movie was shot primarily in The Shreve but recently spent a little time in Memphis getting some authentic production value for its Stax Records sound. The movie is about two retired backup singers from a Memphis soul group who, years later, reunite for a tribute concert to honor their recently deceased lead singer (played by Legend).

It opens Oct. 10.

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