Sunday, April 27, 2008

'Harold & Kumar' sequel lands at no. 2

According to Box Office Mojo, the Shreveport made flick made a bit more than $14.5 million this weekend. More on the significance tomorrow:

1. Baby Mama $18,271,000
2. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay $14,570,000
3. The Forbidden Kingdom $11,230,000

Did you see it? What did you think? Are you still eating sandwiches?


Anonymous said...

One thing for sure. Acting has nothing to do with having talent. High school kids could have done comparable acting to this film.
It proves talent has very little to do with making money. I'm glad it did well.

Anonymous said...

about as much talent as howard stern

Papa Smug said...

Worthless. Steaming. Bag. Of. Dog. Excrement.

Lazy, half-ass writing/filmmaking at its pinnacle.

Never came so close to walking out of a movie. I enjoy semi-raunchy, post-adolescent male comedies as much as the next guy, but give me well-done, premediated, honed, crafted comedy. This movie could not have taken more than 45 minutes to scrawl down on paper. I use the word "scrawl" because I think it would be far too generous to classify what transpired at that meeting of the minds as "writing".

"Hey, let's just write a scene with tons of bottomless women and call it a day, guys. I think TGI Fridays may still be open. Sweet."


Alexandyr Kent said...

This just in at the Fake News Desk: "HK2" is earning early buzz in Oscar race for best screenplay. In an unrelated story, readers of LaMovBlog have just given up hope for the future of cinema and humanity.

Anonymous said...

H&K just announced Jessica Simpson will star in and direct the sequel to Harold & Kumar 3. It will be filmed at a Bossier City trailer park. She is up for an oscar for her acting in Blonde Ambition.
It grossed $25,000 so far, a new record for movies out of Shreveport. Hollywood "Sowth"

Alexandyr Kent said...

Who's this anonymous coanchor? (S)he is too funny and, I'm afraid, after my imaginary paycheck.

Reveal yourself!

Anonymous said...


Pleased to meet you...won't you guess my name?

I can't reveal my true id because I don't want to be arrested for exposing myself. I saw what happened to Hanna Montana and I want to stay out of the "pubic" eye.

I'll just be a guest blogger for now. We can talk business later.