Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hold onto your stinky socks: Moviesauce returns

The Shreve is home to one odd and loveable duck: the Moviesauce Film Festival. Two days of indie films, including some brilliant shorts, will invade the Robinson Film Center May 30-31.

Don't take my word regarding the fest's odd-duck loveableness. Here's an excerpt from Cyn, aka Queensauce: "Guys, this year's festival is going to rock your socks off. I mean, you might as well not even show up with socks, cuz there's gonna be mass confusion when everybody's socks get rocked off and then you're all tryin to find em again. It's gonna be that good."

Friday, May 30
7 p.m.: "American Deluxe" and "Monster Camp."
9:30 p.m.: "Equal Opportunity" and "Commit."

Saturday, May 31st
1 p.m.: "The Outhouse" and "The Summer in Winter."
4 p.m. "The Lonely Lights, the Color of Lemons," "Love Pills," "20q" and "Vanished Acres."
7 p.m.: "The Golden Samovar" and "Fix."
10 p.m.: awards announcement.

Where: Robinson Film Center, 617 Texas St.
Tickets: $7, per program; $30, festival pass (that better come with a jar of freshly squashed salsa). Click here to get 'em.

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Aaron Kirk Douglas said...

Hey man! You don't want to miss Monster Camp. Check out the trailer on our official web site at See why Variety called it "As amusing as it is endearing."