Thursday, April 17, 2008

Two casting calls for the price of one (which is, of course, free)

Bam Casting will host extras casting call for the movies “W.” and “Goodie Two Shoes” on Saturday at the Louisiana Boardwalk. The casting call will last between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. is open to persons 18 and older of all ethnicities.

“W.” is a biopic of current President George W. Bush. Slated to begin filming May 12, the movie will be directed by Oliver Stone and will star Josh Brolin. Bam Casting seeks persons to play college seniors, fraternity members, military men, admirals, reporters, oil rig men, people of Mexican descent, cowboys and cowgirls. The production also needs cars from 1950s through present day (and car owners should bring photos).

“Goodie Two Shoes” is a spoof comedy starring Carmen Electra and Vanessa Minnillo. Bam Casting seeks persons to play college marching band members, hip-hop dancers, little people, cowboys and college students. The company also need bikini-model males and females, plus many look-alikes to play: Miranda and Charlotte from “Sex and the City,” Kanye West, Teddy Roosevelt, Octavius, Sacajawea and the movie’s stars. “Goodie Two Shoes” begins filming April 28.

All applicants should bring a nonreturnable photo of themselves, no larger than 4x6 inches.

The casting call will be held in front of the Louisiana Boardwalk’s fountain near the main foot entrance to the parking garage. For more information, log on to or

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