Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ted Ferguson's auditioning motto: No fear

Somewhere along the drive from Shreveport to Baton Rouge, the script changed on Ted Ferguson. The Shreve actor recently visited the capital city to audition for “Mike Epps Comedy Mix Tape Vol. 1,” a sketch comedy show. Ferguson thought he was going to read for two “moderator” parts.

Though he’d done his prep work, the roles no longer existed when he stepped in front of the producers.

“Oh, those two roles? We don’t need those anymore,” the producers told him. “Can you be a psycho killer?”

Ted, who’s landed a baker’s dozen worth of roles though 60 auditions, said yes. In a matter of seconds, he came up with his take on the emcee of a Louisiana State Penitentiary Christmas Show Extravaganza.

“Let’s give it a go, hah?” said the producers, according to Ferguson. “Oh by the way, here’s the script.”

Since Ted’s game for improv – and he loved the script – he went for it. And he believes his psycho killer killed ’em.

His message to local actors who encounter script changes during auditions?

“Don’t give in to your fears,” he said. “Just go for it.”

What audition surprises have you encountered?

PHOTO: Ted Ferguson.


bigmoneygrip said...

I myself, having cut my teeth in the U.S. Army community theater in Fulda, West Germany when I was in service, am a bit of a gadfly when it comes to auditions. If the part requires a monologue, I usually use one of three:

The scene with Carl, the floor walker in "Cool Hand Luke" with the "night in the box" motif;

Quint's "Indianapolis" scene in Jaws; and

"The Gold Watch" scene with Christopher Walken in "Pulp Fiction".

As of yet, these have gotten me zero callbacks. Then again, I have a great day job so I don't really care what "they" think.

Anonymous said...

Funny story...Don't know if I could do that...but I would try to be in a movie...

Caught Ted Ferguson in the new Jessica Simpson DVD...good acting...and of course Jessica Simpson looked great.


Kathryn Usher said...

I almost didn't recognize Ted. I think I interviewed for a radio job one time with him...nice to see someone living their dream. America is a great country (I know this sounds sarcastic but it's not. I have a terrible habit of sounding sarcastic when I'm not...).

Anonymous said...

All i can say about This ... EXTRA EXTRA....