Tuesday, February 06, 2007

'Mr. Brooks' on ET tonight; Radio story on Texas incentives

TV's Entertainment Tonight will do a piece on "Mr. Brooks" tonight. The Kevin Costner film was filmed here in 2006. The star plays a serial killer.

ET airs on CBS at 6:30 p.m.

And here's a new public radio story about the Texas film industry. It doesn't share any new news, but it's more evidence that the fear about runaway productions is spreading. Texas will offer "Friday Night Lights," "Prison Break" (pictured), commercials and other projects $20 million in direct incentives over two years. Basically, it means the state is trying to keep the business it has. I wouldn't be surprised to see this story grow during the coming months.

A couple of weeks ago, a location scout for "Prison Break" was scouting the Shreveport area.

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Maccentric said...

The trailer for Mr. Brooks is now available for your viewing pleasure over at Apple.com: