Friday, February 02, 2007

Neil Patrick Harris to the rescue

Forget all this nonsense about Sienna swearing on the Today show and allegedly (not) doing authentic love scenes for "Factory Girl." You can forget, if just for a few minutes. Right?

Neil Patrick Harris is back for the "Harold & Kumar" sequel. I've gotten a few eager emails hoping he would reprise his role. (Quite strange, actually.) He's back.

For the uninitiated, Harris played an ecstasy-dropping sexhound in the first installment. He humped a car seat, 'jacked Harold's ride, fondled the scantily clad and basically stole the movie. He also talked about his sexual conquests from the set of "Howser." Bad, Doogie. Very bad, Doogie!

My advice is to not pick up hitchhikers and keep the doors locked for the next two months. Especially if you drive a silver Toyota.


Chris Jay said...

This is the best news I've gotten all day. I love the way the filmmakers capitalized on the urban legend of NPH having OD'd on some insane drug cocktail by making him this Keith Richards-like character.

But the REAL question on everyone's lips: Will there be a rastafarian cheetah in this movie?!

Chris-Brad said...

In the words of Peggy Hill: "Ho Yeah!!!"

Your Pal Timothy said...

That's how NPH rolls!

Timothy Greening said...

Sorry ... that's how NPH rolls! With a better name for myself.

Anonymous said...

it'll be better than a cheetah - BOOH-YA!