Friday, February 23, 2007

We lost the 'Factory Girl' contest!

It's a shame. A guy from Nashville created the best poster in the "Factory Girl" poster contest. Congrats to Dimitri LaBarge. His poster hangs in a Nashville movie lobby, and he gets a private screening of the movie for him and 25 of his closest friends.

But I'm a bit bummed that we didn't take the poster crown. It was made here, for Warhol's sake!

Didn't somebody get a embarassing, cheeky photograph of Pearce or Miller or Fallon or Christensen while they were in town?

"Factory Girl" is still showing at the Louisiana Boardwalk. See it while you can, but only if you enjoy scenes of rump-shooting drug addicts who party like it's 1965.


Kathryn Usher said...

I'm going this weekend sometime -- I hope.

JaneDoughnut said...

Who doesn't enjoy that?

Alexandyr Kent said...

Go, Kathryn! Go! You'll be disappointed by the lack of portable crappers, though. I sure was. :)

And tell me about it, Jane.

Though for my money, the "Pulp Fiction" needle-in-the-chest scene offered more bang. Uma's second coming was way more fulfilling.

I feel like it's time for a Louisiana Movies PSA: "Kids, don't do drugs. Ever."

For real.