Monday, April 02, 2007

Bumps on the road to 'Hollywood South?'

An article published in Baton Rouge's 225 magazine asks pointed questions about the efficiency of Louisiana's tax incentive program for the entertainment industry.

Read it here: "Lights, Camera, Inaction?"

The article focuses on producer John Sweeney's struggle to get Armada Studios built in East Feliciana Parish.

Chuck Hustmyre writes: "He has the investors, the location, and the support from East Feliciana Parish to buy a building there to be turned into movie soundstages and a film school. But the state Film Office and Division of Administration have yet to approve tax credits on the deal. The whole project has tangled in red tape for three months, and some of the projects on his slate are beginning to look at other locations."

This article is well worth the read. Thanks for alerting me, D.A.

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