Thursday, April 05, 2007

'The Reaping' opens today

A movie made in south Louisiana is getting a jump on Easter weekend. "The Reaping," starring Hilary Swank, opens today. She plays an expert who's good at debunking religious phenomenon.

"The Reaping" has a good chance of grabbing the weekend box office crown, but its competition is pretty fierce. "Meet the Robinsons," "Firehouse Dog" and "Are We Done Yet?" will bring in the family crowd. "The Reaping" will team with "Grindhouse" grab the horror fans.

Just what will win? Not a clue.

I saw "Grindhouse" last night with a theater full of people, by the way, and I'll post a review later today.


trudeau said...

Your audio/image interview with Bill Joyce was admirable, Alex. While the most important thing about it was your skill as a journalist, I'd like to talk shop tools. Tell me, please, which videocam you're using and the audio recorder, too. How much do you like them?

Alexandyr Kent said...

Thanks for the compliment, Robert.

I didn't take any of the Joyce photographs. Those are Shane Bevel's. He puts the audio slide show together with MM Flash, I think.

As for the the slideshow's audio track, however, I do gather, write and edit all of that.

I use a Marantz PMD 660. It uses a Compact Flash media cards, meaning it records digitally, meaning transfers are instantaneous. In short, it's sweet. For a mic, any high-quality XLR number will do. Stereo isn't necessary if you're just recording voice. (I'm sure others will disagree.)

You can read more about my recorder at

For my audio projects, I edit on Audacity, which I don't like. It's functional though, and free.

Adobe Audition is much, much better piece of software, rightly says my in-house audio expert.

When I shoot video projects, I use a fairly standard mini-DV Sony camera (HD). I don't know the camera's specs at the moment, because I'm at home. I edit on Avid Xpress. Tedious software but powerful, as you know.

Alexandyr Kent said...

Robert, the photographers piece the audio slide shows together with Soundslides.