Monday, April 30, 2007

Tommy Lee Jones stops at New Iberia newsroom

Tommy Lee Jones and the movie "In the Electric Mist" spent Friday in the newsroom of The Daily Iberian. Why can't a movie production show up at the offices of The Shreveport Times and make my job easier? Enough petty griping.

Here's a link to the story. Great details. My favorite excerpt follows:

"Pre-production crew members showed up in The Iberian newsroom Friday morning to change out all the fluorescent light bulbs. 'The ones you use, that everyone uses, actually put out a green light that shows up on film,' one of the light-changers explained. The bulbs didn't last long. They were replaced with the old bulbs when production wrapped up around 5 p.m."

Green light? It also strangely appeared on the potato salad I brought to work today. ... Suddenly, I'm not feeling so good.

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Chris Lyon said...

It MEANS something...