Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's just a flesh wound ...

Don't worry, it's not real. But I don't mind encouraging a little rubbernecking on my blog. What you're witnessing is a self-portrait of makeup artist Casey Doiron. She was not harmed during the making of this effect.

Like a small but likely growing number of folks, Doiron plans to relocate to Shreveport during the next few months to find work in the movie industry. She currently lives in New Iberia, La., but is intrigued by what's happening in the northern part of the state.

Professionally, she works mostly in fashion but hopes her skills are transferable.

I've been working on a series of movie-industry stories for the past week or so, and one of my topics is "developing Louisiana crew bases."

Are you someone who's considering a move to Shreveport for work in the movie industry? Or have you moved here already? How's it going? Good? Bad? Better than a flesh wound? Email me at akent@gannett.com. And by all means, send me your bloody pictures.

If you want to learn more about Doiron's unyucky work, log on to www.caseydoironbeauty.com.


Chris Lyon said...

Boy oh boy. When filming Plummet we hired a makeup artist and an EPK director who both had never done film before. The makeup artist had done some commercial work before, but never anything for the big screen.

Shreveport is full of people who want to be in the industry, but it's people like this who stick out by getting their names and faces out there. Of course, I won't take any credit for finding these people. They found me via Alex's wonderful connections with the Times (and a small article that called me short) that gave them the info to get in touch with me.

Getting small time credits for film projects like ours can really boost a potential artisan's resume.

Maybe someone should make a facebook/myspace-like (only simpler and less "customizable) database that would allow people to upload a picture, resume and enter very basic (and editable) info so that people like myself and bigger names have access to that database.

The LA Film site has something like this but it's old and disorganized. If someone could write the code, I would be willing to create a visual skin and pay for hosting and whatnot. It would be a great resource, but I haven't the coding skills to pull off such a job. Is there anyone out there skilled and interested enough to help out?

Kathryn Usher said...

Could a blog be used for that? Folks could send in a resume and photo and it could be placed into a post.

I think what would make it work would be the fact that everything can be labeled and then could looked up by labels.

Chris Lyon said...

Yes and no. The problem with blogs is that someone would have to update people's stuff. There's no reason to having a site if the info isn't up to date.

I promise you, no one would want the job of updating hundreds if not thousands of entries.

I'd let each person handle their own account (like MS and FB) so that updating it is simple and efficient.

Anonymous said...

shreveport-bossier film has a crew database ... maybe the same could be used for lafilm .. heck i'd love to be the one to keep it up to date! :) to help people like me get work and keep productions coming to our city!