Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Are you ready for 'Mr. Brooks?'

I'll be at the private screening of "Mr. Brooks" Wednesday night. Will you? I'll file a review online and for Friday's paper. For now, you can get your clicks by checking out the photo gallery linked below.

WHAT: “Mr. Brooks” special advanced screening.
WHEN: 7 p.m. May 30 (“Mr. Brooks” premieres nationally June 1).
WHERE: Regal Cinema Bossier Corners 9, Bossier City.
INFO: call the Robinson Film Center at (318) 424-9090.
TIMES PHOTO GALLERY: click here, scroll down to photo galleries, click on "Kevin Costner's 'Mr. Brooks.'"

"Mr. Brooks" stars Kevin Costner as a successful businessman named Earl Brooks. He has the perfect life in Portland, Ore. His wife and daughter love him. He's a top-shelf businessman. The chamber of commerce celebrates him as its man of the year.

But Mr. Brooks leads a secret double life. He's a notorious serial murderer known as the Thumbprint Killer, and nobody can catch him. Yet. William Hurt plays his Mephistophelean alter ego, who urges him to kill a couple and risk everything. (The couple, methinks, is played by a pair of local doctors.)

When a photographer (Dane Cook) observes Brooks in action, snaps photos and demands blackmail, a bizarre sequence of events unfold. Demi Moore plays the detective racing to catch the killer before he strikes again.

If smartly played and if it lives up to its promising trailer, “Mr. Brooks” could be a cheeky examination of the pressures exerted on identity. What must a man sacrifice to become the person our ego urges us to be? Family? Career? Sanity? Social stability?

Given Hurt's recently wicked turn in "A History of Violence," his contributions might be fun.


Chris-Brad said...

So, Alexandyr, where are all the free tickets for your blog buddies? I'm sure they're in the mail....

Have fun, and don't forget us!

Alexandyr Kent said...

Free tickets? That's a good idea, but I'm lucky they invited my sorry prose-writing self. Hmm.

Mary Thoma said...

Hi, Alex:

I got to work a day on this one , even made it into the trailer, so I will see you there. Ought to be a hoot.


Alexandyr Kent said...

Hey, Mary. What did you think?