Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'Friday Night Lights' actress wants to keep series in Texas

Dallas-based actress Liz Mikel was recently in town filming "The Better Man." She is featured on NBC's "Friday Night Lights." The network decided to order another season of the series for next year.

There's been a little chatter about "Friday Night Lights" possibly moving to Louisiana from Austin, Texas, but nothing has been confirmed. From Elaine Liner's blog post on the Dallas Observer, it appears Texas is fighting hard to keep it.

Here is an excerpt from the interview with Mikel:

"She also wants NBC to leave the series on location in Texas. When she heard rumors of the show moving to Louisiana, Mikel personally lobbied the Texas Legislature to fight to keep the show in Austin by offering a bill (still pending) that would grant financial incentives for the production to stay.

"'There need to be tax breaks to be more competitive with Louisiana, where they're making a ton of movies right now,' she says. "It's good for the economy of the state and for the community where the film or series is shot. As a Texas actor I'm grateful for the opportunity not to have to move to New York or Los Angeles to work on a weekly series. I choose to live in Texas. It's so important to keep the life of this show there. The production staff is from Texas. They know what it's like to live and breathe that air.'"

Click here to read the entire post. Good read.

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