Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Want a piece of 'Mr. Brooks?'

WHAT: movie pottery and set-piece auction.
WHEN: noon Friday through 9 p.m. Saturday.
WHERE: Regal Cinemas Louisiana Boardwalk Stadium 14.
MORE INFORMATION: LSUS Development Office at (318) 797-5257.

In need of some creepy home decorations? Want to scare the bejesus out of that special pottery-lover in your life? Misplaced your Hannibal Lecter mask? Looking for some ill-omened pillows for your guest room? Look no further.

LSUS Foundation received a donation of 200 pieces of pottery and a bedroom set from the makers of “Mr. Brooks.” On Friday and Saturday, pieces will be sold through a silent auction held in the lobby of the Regal Cinemas Louisiana Boardwalk movie theater. Proceeds will benefit LSUS’s theater department.

Items include the bedroom set, which is valued at $4,000, and a fingerprinted lampshade, which functions as a key clue in the suspense mystery.

The pottery was made by Peter Beasecker and Liz Lurie, professors at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. The style is inspired by the Chinese Sung Dynasty and Mr. Brooks’s interest in unique glazes.

All items come with a certificate of authenticity.

Somebody buy me that lampshade! See more auction stuff below.

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Chris Lyon said...

Good flick. The best one to come out of Shreveport thus far. :)