Monday, May 14, 2007

Music video shoot needs non-union crew

A low budget music video will be shot in Shreveport this coming weekend, and the shoot needs non-union crew. Fax your resume to (318) 861-1975 if you can fill one of the following positions.

Resumes are due by tomorrow morning! Your cover letter should note the words "music video."

Here's the info I received. If you can read the shorthand, you might be qualified:

1. Make-up artist x 1 (Can be a combo mu/hair)
2. Hairstylist x 1 (Can be a combo hair/mu)
3. Set Costume Person x 1 (Ideally with wardrobe racks and steamer for rent)
4. Craft Service and Crafty Assistant
5. Set Medic x 1
6. 1st Assistant Cameraman (16mm Arriflex System) x 1
7. 2nd Assistant Cameraman x 1
8. Set PA's
9. Props/Set Dressing Combo x 1 (Ideally with cast chairs and basic prop box for rent)

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy to have ran across this blog especially since I'm in need of some work.