Thursday, April 05, 2007

'Grindhouse' is filthy fun

How do I love "Grindhouse?" Let me count the ways:

1) Finally, the car chase is scary again when filmed in broad daylight.

2) Thankfully, zombies are still the funniest movie characters this side of the Gremlins.

3) In technical skill, Rodriguez and Tarantino have few equals.

4) In casting choices, Rodriguez and Tarantino have no equals.

5) Rose McGowan can fly.

6) Freddy Rodriguez never misses.

7) Somewhere between the gun stump and the ship maiden, I forgot it was a three-hour exhibition of macho culture.

8) I left the movie theater for a moment and felt like I missed something.

9) Zöe Bell, Uma's stunt double for "Kill Bill," gets well-deserved feature roll.

10) Kurl Russell looks even cooler than he did for "Big Trouble in Little China." How is that possible?

Here's a link to my review for The Times (only online).


Kathryn Usher said...

Um, I might agree on most of your points --- (I probably won't get to see the movie for another week or so, so I'll have to wait to see if I really agree) BUT even without seeing the movie I have disagree about zombies because they are the all time scariest creatures, ever!

Alexandyr Kent said...

Zombies scare you? Really? The Kathryn Usher is frightened of itsy-bitsy brain eaters? That's quite shocking. They're the teddy bears of the horror world, and nothing compared to the wickedness of Paris Hilton. Did you see the "House of Wax" remake? Now that was scary.

Greg Pearson said...

Wow...a Big Trouble in Little China reference...great flick...saw it at least a couple dozen times!

I havent seen the movie yet either...but I have to agree, both diretors are casting geniuses.

Greg Pearson said... who's the coolest?
S.D. Robert (Bob) "Snake" Plissken
Jack Burton
Stuntman Mike

Anonymous said...

Macready from The Thing was pretty cool too. If you and I lost to a computer at a game of chess we would probably just yell at it.
He opened it up and poured scotch inside, frying it.
To top it off he called it a bitch too!

That's cool in my book and yes i do have a book i carry around to make notes in.

Alexandyr Kent said...

I'm going with Jack Burton. It was the best-of-the-best mullet days for Russell.

Chris-Brad said...

I haven't had that much fun in a flick in a long, long time. And based on the rest of the people in the theatre, neither have they. People were practically rolling in the aisles (for the right reasons!). Wow.... That was an awesome three hours! And is it a telling thing that I actually would pay to see some of the fake movies they advertised (Thanksgiving or Werewolf Women of the SS, anyone?!?)?

The main problem is that it isn't for everyone. In fact, the people I know who did not like Grindhouse were trying to take it as a serious flick. I tried to convince them otherwise, but they ignored that advice.

And while I loved Death Proof, I have to say I really dug Planet Terror. I'd give one of those things the creepy scientist was collecting to have more movies like that made... And despite the less-than-expected opening weekend numbers, there is an audience for the "exploitation" flicks like it (maybe not to the extent of those from the '70s, but to that of Planet Terror).

An awesome theatre experience that I'd love to repeat in the very near future! And I will as long as I don't #$#$ with the wrong Mexican! (that will make sense if you see the flick.)

Anonymous said...

I have read on several movie sites that they are considering splitting Grindhouse into it's two movies and rereleasing them later separately this summer.
Don't think this is a good number because too many people are complaining about the bad first weekend numbers. Hello! The movie is 3 hrs. and 15 mins. long and it was released on Easter weekend. You can't get a lot of showing out of a movie that big and Easter isn't the real time to release a movie like this.
Interesting side note, some of my usual sources for movie news... and have hinted at a full length Machete movie in the works. It seems a certain bigwig saw Grindhouse at a preview and thought it was a real trailer, when they told him it wasn't for real he made mention of making it full length.
Now if we could only get Thanksgiving, Don't and Werewolf Women of the SS made as well!

We can dream, yes, we can dream

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my typing error on my previous post. I meant to say...

Don't think this is a good idea...

Sorry about that, it's late and i'm going to have crash now.

Night all.