Friday, April 27, 2007

'For Sale' not selling plot points yet

What's "For Sale by Owner" about? Well, the makers wouldn't divulge too many details during my set visit last week. Here's a link to my story for The Times.

I do know it's a supernatural-
mystery-psychological-thriller. (That's a compound of all the descripters I gathered from producers.) It's scary, I take it.

I didn't see any chainsaws, so it's not that type of scary.

"For Sale by Owner" is about John Smith, or Mr. Jamestown, and the home he built way back when. Scott Cooper (pictured, who is also the screenwriter) plays a present day architect who's restoring Smith's home. It was burned down and reconstructed during the 1800s.

My guess is that Coop's restoration doesn't go as planned. (Boo.)

The movie is being shot at the Magnolia Plantation near Cloutierville (20 miles south of Natchitoches). As a setting for a supernatural-mystery-psychological-thriller-expialidocious independent feature film, it seems like a great location. Paint is flaking. Bees are humming. Sweat will soon be pouring. Plants are overgrown. The interior features old chandeliers and drab interior light.

There are three really cool things about this project:

1) It's being financed by a new local production company called Port Pictures. That means three independent feature films, which have been paid for by local financing, will be made in Shreveport during the first half of 2007. The first was Jeffrey Goodman's "The Last Lullaby." The next is "The Pardon," a Louisiana execution story I'm learning more about later today.

2) "For Sale by Owner" is actually going to give the plantation home a fresh coat of paint. Tourism folks in Natchitoches will be happy to hear that.

3) Port Pictures is planning to shoot eight pictures in Louisiana during the next three years. This could be the beginnings of an indigenous film industry for Shreveport.


Chris Lyon said...

Very interesting. This is what I hope to gain by keeping with my film production in Shreveport- opportunities to make films with real lighting and camera equipment.

Not saying that we don't make movies with that kind of thing now, but as always the DVRebel (or HDRebel) is always trying to achieve that look of film. A friend of mind told me the other day that no one sets out to make a bad movie (I disagree on a larger scale but moving on...). Unfortunately for the digital filmmaker, it's harder to capture an audience if your stuff looks like digital. No matter how great your depth of field or resolution is- it's difficult to find that film look right now unless you have the Genesis or the other new 35mm chip camera that's coming out.

We are close, but right now there is still that tinge of digital in our productions. I'll have to discover it before our next gig.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when this movie will be released? Has the name changed or something? I would love to know more about what is happening with this movie.

Donna said...

I have been trying to find the movie FOR SALE BY OWNER but just found out it isn't out yet,, so when will we find this out,,, soon I hoope