Friday, April 20, 2007

Pictures from the set of 'For Sale by Owner'

I drove down to Cloutierville today to watch the filming of "For Sale by Owner." The low-budget independent film is being billed as a mystery thriller by director Bob Wilson. It stars Scott Cooper, who also wrote the screenplay.

It also marks the first venture for Port Pictures, a Shreveport-based movie production company. They are teaming with Robert Duvall's Butcher's Run Films.

Looks kinda spooky.


sue said...

If you have any photos with Skeet Ulrich or Tom Skerritt, I beg you to post them. Pleeease? Jericho is on hiatus now and I'm already going through Skeet withdrawal.


Alexandyr Kent said...

Neither were on set during my visit, unfortunately. Sorry to disappoint!

sue said...

Rats. Oh well, at least I know they are starting to film something.