Thursday, October 11, 2007

Are you going to New Orleans Film Festival this weekend? Call me!

I'm headed to New Orleans early Friday morning to attend three days of the New Orleans Film Festival. It officially runs tonight though Oct. 18. Click here for the schedule.

For part of my weekend coverage, I'll be focusing on Allison Bohl, a Bossier City native who's picking up the Louisiana Filmmaker Award with cohort Connie Castille. They made the documentary "I Always Do My Collars First," which is building some momentum.

I'll also be interviewing Louisiana documentarians and chatting with whoever I can track down -- hopefully Vince Vaughn and Alan Cumming! -- during the weekend.

If you are going to the festival (and are from The Shreve's greater area), let me know! I'm looking for fellow hobnobbers because I'm flying solo!

Email me at or call me at 318.459.3256 (work) before the end of the day today.

If you're not going but are still interested, keep checking my blog over the weekend for photos, mini-reviews and links to my Times coverage.

1 comment:

Chris-Brad said...

Had you made the caption contest prize a trip to the festival you could have had a film geek buddy... But, no! All I got was applause.

PS. And spill the beans about what else is coming to the Shreve.