Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WSJ covers The Shreve

Another big newspaper found their way to Shreveport's movie industry. Check out page B6 in today's Wall Street Journal. (I can't link to the full story because is subscriber-based, but here's a teaser link.)

Anyway, the article is another overview of what's happened in Shreveport since Katrina. It talks about the new studio going up for Nu Image/Millennium Films in Ledbetter Heights. It provides info on how many flicks have shot here since the storms, and how they are impacting the economy.

Most interesting for readers in The Shreve is this excerpt: "Nearly every sector of the commercial and residential real-estate has benefited from the influx. The industrial market, which has struggled in recent years, perhaps has had the most to gain. The vacancy rate in industrial space has dropped to 20% in June from 26% in 2006, according to a report by the Center for Business and Economic Research at Louisiana State University in Shreveport."

Source: Sadovi, Maura Webber. "Unlikely Star Gets Ready for Hollywood Close Up." Wall Street Journal. Oct. 27, 2007. B6.

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