Monday, October 22, 2007

'Mr. Brooks,' 'Meet the Robinsons' set for DVD releases

Two DVDs with Shreveport connections will be released Tuesday.

Disney’s "Meet the Robinsons," brainchild of Shreveport children’s author William Joyce," tells the story of a boy inventor who travels to technology-driven future to meet a more inventive family and battle the evil Bowler Hat Guy.

"Mr. Brooks," a thriller starring Kevin Costner and William Hurt, was shot in Shreveport in mid-2006. Costner plays a family man with a devilish alter ego: a serial killer driven to dangerous risks by a Mephistophelean inner voice.

When you see them, let me know what you think about the extras.


Anonymous said...

The Mr. Brooks DVD mentions Shreveport a lot in the director/writer's commentary. It is also mentioned in the "on the set" special feature.

They pointed out the AA scene, with the stained glass windows, was filmed in an abandoned jewish synagog and had asked someone to step up and rescue the building. Does anyone know where that synagog is located?

They talked about how brave Megan Brown was with doing the nude scene.

Also they mentioned a couple times that there were no old apartments with long hallways in all of Shreveport that they could find.

Anonymous said...

The abandoned Jewish Synagog is in Dowtown Shreveport I believe. Located at the corner of Cotton and Common.