Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And the best picture nominations are ...

"Michael Clayton"
"No Country for Old Men"
"There Will Be Blood"

See the rest of the nominations here. There was nothing for "The Great Debaters." "Juno" seems to have been the big winner here. Nominations in many major categories, including best pic, best actress, best screenplay, best director (and maybe more ... I'm writing fast). "No Country" and "Blood" did best in total numbers: 8 award nods each.

"Atonement" was left out of the directing category, but scored some other big nods.

And "Michael Clayton" is a seriously strong contender, nods include best pic, best director, best screenplay, best supporting actress, best score.

How'd I do in my best pic picks? Four out of five. And last year's champ chris-brad? Four out of five. IT'S ON NOW!

My guess for "Zodiac," however, was a lost cause. It didn't get any nominations. (A bit shocking, that. Methinks the votes are too end-of-the-year centric.)


chris jay said...

"Once" got a nod for the best song from the film. Marion Cotillard did get nominated for her amazing performance in "La Vie en Rose." Plus, Nancy Olivier got nominated for "Lars," so I'm cool. All of those good decisions cancel out the completely incomprehensible love shown for "Napoleon...," I'm sorry, uh, "Juno." The production design was so similar, I keep confusing the two.

Chris-Brad said...

I am still shocked that "Atonement" got a nomination for best picture. What a sham! They should have come to this blog for some tips on what was deserving and what should have been left out in the cold.

In another post Bailey mentioned "Michael Clayton" being something less deserving. Even though I guessed it correctly, I couldn't agree with him more. I hate to say this, but I understand "Atonement" being nominated more than it. Blah!

But, as Chris Jay pointed out, I was happy so see "Once" and "La Vie en Rose" getting some nods. "Lars and the Real Girl..." well, I am still not sure about it.

Oh well. I guess the 4 out of 5 tie will just make me study harder than last year, so look out!

Baily said...

It isn't particularly that I feel Michael Clayton shouldn't have been nominated, it's just that I thought maybe George Clooney's acceptance speech last year would put him on the short list for "How Not to Get Nominated for an Academy Award." The first words out of his mouth weren't "I want to thank the little people...yada yada yada", but 'I guess this means I didn't win for directing" or something along those lines. I know he's Hollywood's prankster and all, but the comment sort of rubbed me the wrong way.

Thanks for agreeing with me, chris-brad. I appreciate it.