Friday, January 25, 2008

Glen Grefe wants you

All sorts of things show up on Craig's List, don't they? Low-budget indie filmmaker Glen Grefe is in town, and he's planning on shooting his next horror flick here. If you need a better idea of what Glen does, click here for info on "The Nutcracker." (I take it this wasn't a ballet.) Here's also started a new blog for his new project, "The Hurting Kind," here.

Below is the verbatim post on CL:

Some of you in Los Angeles know Shreve' is the hot spot to shoot right now. I'm living here in Shreve' now, so the shoot is here. If you're from Louisiana, now's a good a time as any to come back home - if you're not (I'm originally from MN), and have been thinking about doing a production here to check out all the fuss, come on out and enjoy the Southern hospitality.

I'm Co-Producing and Directing; script is going through breakdown/scheduling phase and a series of trailers will need to be shot asap to correspond with publicity/fundraising/promotional/buzz strategy. I have helmed a feature before (Northern California) which is now on IMDB, Amazon and Blockbuster, shot several shorts, film graduate, etc., over many years, so I have somewhat of a track record; you can check IMDB listing/resume.

Candidates who have feature Production experience a plus; and any who are Northwestern Louisiana natives an even bigger plus.

Key production team needed:
Production Manager
Production Coordinator
Location Manager

I want the production to be organized, confident and professional, but also a fun and wonderful experience you will be thankful to have worked on. The screenplay is fantastic, by a newly published novelist based out of Memphis, TN.

Email me, I'll answer your questions, we'll go from there.

-Glen Grefe

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