Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Second thoughts on Oscar nominations?

The Oscars divide our taste, and no voices are more conflicting than the critics at The New York Times. Check out their wish lists.

In your opinion, what got snubbed? Please add your comments.

I've got my feelings about what's been overlooked. After this post (and some comments), I'll be done whining. At least publicly.

Josh Brolin should have scored an acting nod for either "American Gangster" or, even better, "No Country for Old Men." He's been stellar this year. Remember "Grindhouse?" He was even better in a purposefully bad movie.

Emile Hirsch got robbed by not earning a best actor nod for "Into the Wild."

Angelina Jolie deserved a nod for "A Mighty Heart."

Nothing for "Zodiac?" Come on now. Nothing?

No David Cronenberg for best director? "Eastern Promises" was worthy, and he films the most interesting scenes of screen violence, hands down. I'm thrilled for Viggo's best actor nod, though.

"The Bourne Ultimatum" cleaned up in technical award nominations, but isn't Matt Damon pretty damn interesting as an amnesiac?
Enough me. Now you.


Chris-Brad said...

You just can't get over "Into the Wild" being snubbed, huh?!?

Seriously, though, I wish "Zodiac" had been nominated. It was one of the best films of the year, but they didn't ask me. And I agree about Matt Damon. Say what you will, but the guy is great as Jason Bourne (or whatever his name ended up being).

And what about "Grindhouse?" Did the Academy forget the Most Fun at the Cineplex category again this year? And how did "The Simpsons Movie" not get a nom in the animation category. And Danny Boyle for directing "Sunshine." The list could go on forever.

Just for fun, here's MY list for Best Picture Nominations That Should Have Been:

"The Savages"
"The Assassination of Jesse James..."
"No Country For Old Men"

Take that Academy!

Alexandyr Kent said...

I'm done whining about "Into the Wild." (Almost. Catch me on an off night.)

When I think "Grindhouse," I think MTV Movie Awards, and that's not a bad thing. It was one of the more entertaining movie experiences this year.

But chris-brad nominating it for an Oscar? I down with that. There's a man I respect. He's sticking up for his taste, and you gotta love it.

I've had entertained some wildly opposed opinions about "Zodiac." A director friendo of mine couldn't finish it (and this dude's got impeccable taste). One of the most respected movie critics in the country, Manohla Dargis of NYT, has been waxing poetic about it for seeming months. Whenever I notice wildly different opinions on any pic, I'm interested. Reminds me of last year's "Babel."

Chris-Brad said...

Admit it, you'd give "Grindhouse" a nod, too!

Not giving "Grindhouse" some respect? DON'T! (Sorry, I couldn't resist...) But I loved the experience. Not a single best pic nominee had the audience involved, you know. Even "NCFOM" with its ending didn't involve folks as much. And neither did "Into the Wild" so don't get started. Besides, Hal Holbrooke got a nod. And, for the record, there were three other people in the theater with me when I saw it. Granted, they all tagged along with me (being I am the movie guy of the group), but there were three!

I'll also agree about "Zodiac" being divisive. Personally, the folks I know who haven't warmed to it did not care for two things: The length and the lack of a resolution. Nearly universally I heard, "I sat for three hours for a non-ending?" And they had a point. I just finished watching my super-uber edition of "Zodiac" on DVD and loved the making-of feature. It amazes me how David Fincher ever gets a movie made. All the details that have to be perfect, everything, it is just...wow!

And don't get me started on "Babel." I...nevermind. That is a nasty personal rant that I will keep to myself.

Baily said...

I decided to post my wish list for Best Picture:

"Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"
"No Country for Old Men"
"Eastern Promises"

Yeah, I know. Two musicals. I've made my peace with that. I like musicals...and it's ok, because I'm a girl. I'm supposed to like movies with dancing and singing.

As for Zodiac and NCFOM, I think that American movie-goers are spoiled into believing every movie should have a resolution. Things aren't that way in real life (Zodiac), or literature (No Country), but we expect after 2 and 1/2 hours everything should be wrapped up. But in both instances, Zodiac and No Country for Old Men, I felt to let the film linger as people walked out of the theater sparked much discussion among audiences. I hate nothing more than asking someone what they thought about a movie and getting a "fine" as their only answer.

Eastern Promises is just my wild card. I liked it, although I guess if I was going with a real wild card, I'd pick "Death Proof" of the Grindhouse double feature.

Anonymous said...

How's about Johnny Greenwood's score for There Will Be Blood?

caseyko74 said...

The Academy rarely gets it right all the way through. And in a year like this one where there were a lot of good movies, they will find a way to screw it up.

Biggest things missing I can see are no nomination for Josh Brolin, too few nominations for Jesse James, and the snubs for Into the Wild and Zodiac.

Alexandyr Kent said...

chris-brad! send me an email at akent@gannett.com. I got a little secret society stuff to share with ya. Nothing too sinister. It's about "Sunshine."

Alexandyr Kent said...

And I agree with everybody on everything this morning!

Great point on "There Will Be Blood," and I'm sure anon is a Radiohead fan. Me, too. I think P.T. Anderson's interview on "Fresh Air" talked about the score in detail. Can't wait to hear it in the movie. (It's still not coming to Shreveport this weekend! But "Clayton" is coming back.)

Unfortunately, that category usually seems to go to traditional more traditional of movie scoring. Not always, but usually. (Somebody with a bigger brain please prove me wrong on this.)

For instance, I thought Philip Glass's score for "Notes on a Scandal" was one of the best pieces of film music I've enjoyed. PG's gotten three nominations, according to IMDb.com, but never the big prize. Then again, I'm among the minority of music lovers who can listen to PG's redundant phrasing for hours and hours on end and never tire.

And even when John Williams -- Mr. Movie Music Oscar -- experimented with "Munich," he didn't get the top prize. Granted, he had two scores in competition that year, but the man's brilliant. (Like he needs another, but still ... that was another piece of film music I thought deserved some big props.)

From what I've heard, I hope "Atonement" grabs the movie score prize this year. (Still need to hear "The Kite Runner.") That typewriter was genius. You have to love a reference to Leroy Anderson!

Am I geeking out? Sorry. I blame Chris Jay.

Chris Jay said...

No Alex, your geeking out right now is on a much deeper, Shamanistic trance sort of level. You're talking about hearing typewriters! I think you've gone too far into the Oscar zone. Someone hit this guy with a bucket of icewater - or maybe a bucket of pickle juice from the counter of your local movie house!

Darrell said...


I have to go about the business of viewing some of the nominated films. I will say this, though. Rarely have I enjoyed or appreciated a movie as much as I did "Juno." It was completely satisfying from start to finish.

Alexandyr Kent said...

This year, as in year's past, you have to be pretty grim to call most nominees satisfying. Other than "Juno," the other pics are a bit on the darkside (which is of course completely satisfying for me).

Give 'em all a shot, though, Darrell. It's a great year for movie-watching.