Friday, January 18, 2008

Where's the bank in 'Mad Money?' It's no secret

When you watch "Mad Money" this weekend you'll see Shreveport doubling for Kansas City, where a trio of working class women conspire to rip off the Federal Reserve Bank.

The staff at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum will have plenty to howl about today when they go see the movie. Their building's rotunda was transformed into a bank lobby, where bank employees get screened by security.

Nancy McInnis is an executive administrative assistant at the museum. She said that she and the staff got to hang around and watch during two days worth of filming.

"The filming was actually made right where my desk is. They cleared out everything in the entrance of the rotunda. They floored over the topographical map," McInnis said. Trust me, covering that map had to be a huge ordeal, since it was just restored to its original form.

"The artisans that worked here, they were so nice. They came days in advance to match the marble and the oak wood."

Sounds like the camera crew was pretty accommodating. "We say them cut. We saw them start. We even looked at them through their lens."

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Suri were on set or in a room near the set, which must have been pretty neat. McInnis almost gave Suri a souvenir: "I was in there where she was and she almost took my earring off!"

When you see the movie, please come back and post your thoughts about other locations. I especially hope to read some sarcastic chatter about Keaton and "Ms. Daisy." (You'll get it when you see it!)

PHOTO: Mike Silva/The Times.

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