Thursday, January 17, 2008

Directors, studios reach deal

You can read my "Mad Money" review here. Want a second opinion? Keep track of what the other critics are saying at More important in today's news, however, is this AP story: Directors, studios reach deal. This has huge implications for the ongoing writers' strike.

P.S. The DGA outlined the highlights of the deal on its Web site. Click here.


Chris Jay said...

I was just reading the Louisiana Produces Meetup site and someone pointed out the interesting fact that Gil Cates' son recently shot a movie in Louisiana, "Deal" in New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

Was that your review Alex? I have no idea if you liked the movie or not. What did you think?

Alexandyr Kent said...

The movie has some funny scenes, but the plot and characters are thin.

Two out of four stars.

Baily said...

You know the review of the movie shouldn't be funnier than the film itself...just a thought.

Anonymous said...