Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best documentary short: 'Smile Pinki'

Contest score?
alex, 10
chris-brad, 10
chris lyon, 8
patrick, 4.5
marian d, 9
pan's pantry, 8
timothy miller, 9

Nobody got this one right. Are chris-brad and I heading for a showdown? Too early to tell. If only timothy miller would have entered pics in all categories.


Alexandyr Kent said...

BTW, my wireless connection crapped out so I am racing upstairs (ethernet connection) and downstairs (TV) to keep up.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking Marian may be at 9 as well.....

ChrisBrad said...

I am thinking it may come down to Rourke V Penn.

ChrisBrad said...


Marian is at 9. You took one away from her at Wall-E.