Thursday, February 19, 2009

'In the Electric Mist' debuts in New Iberia: Tommy Lee Jones v. Brenda's Dine In & Take Out?

I love honesty, and New Iberians shared tons of it last night with the Independent Weekly at a local premiere of "In the Electric Mist."

The Tommy Lee Jones project was made there and involved some Shreve-area crew and talent (you'll notice Pruitt Taylor Vince, who's in residency at LSUS right now). The movie will head straight to DVD after getting a one-week run in New Iberia beginning Feb. 20.

Here's one moviegoer wondering out loud, as quoted in the Independent:

"'You can tell it was a low budget movie,' says cane farmer Jackie Judice. 'Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. But I wonder why Tommy Lee Jones was in a movie going straight to DVD?'"

TLJ! The cane farmer challenged your street cred!

Here's an even funnier excerpt:

"Brenda Placide, who owns Brenda’s Dine In & Take Out on Pershing St. says Tommy Lee Jones ate at her place every day while he was filming. 'He liked the gumbo,' she says. 'He liked the barbecued ribs, the red beans and the crawfish etouffee.' When he was on location outside of New Iberia, he sent a driver over to pick up his lunch, Placide says. 'After the movie was over, he called me to make him some gumbo, so I sent it to him,' she adds. 'Then he called back and asked for the recipe, I sent that to him, and Tommy Lee Jones hasn’t called me any more.'

TLJ! Ya done stole Brenda's recipe! (Kind of.) What do you have to say for yourself?

"In the Electric Mist" will get its DVD release March 3.

Check out the full Independent Weekly story. Good stuff. And also check out the Variety review, and the trailer below.

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