Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Makeup: 'Benjamin Button'

Contest score?
alex, 6
chris-brad, 7
chris lyon, 6
patrick, 2
marian d, 5
pan's pantry, 5
timothy miller, 7

Two for "Benjamin Button." Better than pessimistically predicted by many experts.


Alexandyr Kent said...

I'm telling you: This is a very, very good show. Whether it gets high ratings doesn't really matter. This new format will be super for years forward.

We're getting a legitimate Review of the Year in Film. First time in a long time that Hollywood has done that with a sense of fun and, simultaneously, smarts.

ChrisBrad said...

The only other category Button has a really good chance at winning is "visual effects." A lot of people are giving it the nod, but I am still thinking "Dark Knight" may sweep that tech category with the sound cats.

Alexandyr Kent said...

That would earn you this year's title, certainly. This is where I'm trying to distance myself. Will it work?

ChrisBrad said...

Not a chance to back down now. I am still a bit uneasy with a few choices and some of our competitors have a good mathematical chance if my gut was wrong.