Friday, February 06, 2009

Val Kilmer is King of Bacchus

Mardi Gras is making out with Hollywoood, yet again. This year's King of Bacchus is Val Kilmer, who recently made Millennium Films' "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" in the Big Easy. (He also did "Deja Vu" there.)

So why no King of Gemini? No King of Centaur? No Top Dog of Barkus & Meoux? No King of our Ark-La-Tex Mardi Gras? Kilmer, after all, shot a Millennium movie here this summer. ... Wait a minute. I get it. Theming a float as "Streets of Blood" might cause a wee bit o' panic for the family-friendly Ark-La-Texers.

That said, who would be the best Mardi Gras king for The Shreve? My vote is split between Harold and Kumar. Just think of the throws. Who would you vote for? Costner? Cube? Denzel? Sienna Miller? Josh Brolin? Jack Black?


Manny Guendulay said...

Three letters: NPH
The results would be Legen... wait for it... Dary!

Alexandyr Kent said...

You just changed my vote.

Anonymous said...

My vote for best mardi gras king for "The Shreve" would be Josh Brolin. He could be riding on the float "Crew of deNial" and throwing soap, deodorant, lye, bleach, etc. to Cedric Glover, Henry Whitehorn, shreveport police, the city council, and the rest of the Glover Administration. That's one way to clean up the city and send a zero tolerance message to city hall!