Monday, February 02, 2009

Jeffrey Goodman blogs for Moviemaker

Local director Jeffrey Goodman is blogging for Moviemaker Magazine. He'll post weekly about his "Adventures in Self-Releasing" "The Last Lullaby." The movie was shot in the Shreve in early 2007. Since March 2008, Goodman has been touring it from festival to festival. In May, he'll begin releasing the movie to theaters.

For his Jan. 30 entry, Goodman writes: "My plan is to do a three- to 10-city theatrical run with the film. I’m not sure if this run will be financially successful or not. But it is my goal for it to be self-sustaining, at the very least.

"I only want to go into cities where I feel like 'The Last Lullaby' has an edge over most other movies. This edge will come from one of two places: Either we’ll go into a city because someone involved in the film is from there, or we’ll return to a city where we already had a successful festival."

To read the whole post and follow the blog, click here.

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