Wednesday, January 10, 2007

About 250 showed for 'HK2' casting call

Locals are eager to be in the "Harold & Kumar" sequel. The under-the-influence comedy will begin filming here later this month.

More than 250 people showed up at BPCC on Jan. 9 to submit their mugs and applications for the paid extra positions, including the lucky ones pictured here.

Extras casting director Ryan Glorioso was happy with the turnout. (Two lovely shots of the back of his head are posted here.) "It is very good to get new and different faces," he said. More will be needed before the movie wraps. His quota? "800 man days." No word on woman days, though.

It was the first casting call for Gary Tubbs from Elm Grove (top). He was intially shy about showing his hair. (Since he doesn't have a receding hairline, I have no sympathy.)

The casting call was pretty easy. Tubbs was intrigued by the comedy's subject, but he also was looking to simply experience life as an extra. "It's not the just the movie. I'd just like to work as an extra and later try out for some roles," he said.

Buddies Steve Boutin from Keithville (center, bottom) and Ryan Teu from Shreveport (bottom, the short one) arrived dressed to the nines. Glorioso gave Teu some assurances. "He told me not shave my beard or cut my hair. He had a part for me."

If you're still interested in being an extra for "Harold & Kumar," log on to or (The latter link is a little dirty.)

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