Friday, January 26, 2007

Braugher is back!

Mr. "Thief" is stealing back into Shreveport. Andre Braugher will join lead Thomas Jane (“The Punisher”) and Laurie Holden (“The Majestic”) as stars of “The Mist.”

Why is this cool? Five of the six episodes of "Thief" were filmed in Shreveport (Braugher starred). And Braugher liked us.

A link to my Times story is here.

Thanks for the tip, Mr. G.

AP Photo/Cheryl Gerber: Actor Andre Braugher showed up for the screening of the first episode of the television show "Thief,'' at Canal Place Cinema in New Orleans, Monday, March 28, 2006.

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Chris-Brad said...

These casting announcements are making me feel better about this flick. We all know how well (or not so much) Stephen King stories have adapted to the big screen. I have high hopes that this is a success.

And AintItCool's Harry Knowles has posted similar thoughts on his site, and even shares his desire to visit the set. That could mean some further exposure for this area...

I'll be looking forward to this and all the other developments!