Friday, January 19, 2007

Millennium bringing three more projects

Millennium Films announced it is bringing more movies to the region after "Cleaner," which begins production at the end of the month.

"We're lining up at least three more," said Millennium Films executive producer Michael Flannigan at a press conference today.

No titles or names were mentioned. One could be "Microwave Park," which was supposed to start earlier this month but has been postponed.

The new projects should keep the production company in the city through 2007.

The company finished local shoots for "Homeland Security" (Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan) in November and "Blonde Ambition" (Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson) this week.

"Cleaner" will star Samuel L. Jackson.

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Stephen said...

Millenium must be very happy and impressed with the growing infrastructure and production resources in SBC. Otherwise, I imagine they wouldn't keep going back. New Orleans is always an option to still get those tax credits. Great news for Shreveport!