Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scary news ... 'The Mist' confirmed for Shreveport

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Update at The Times website posted here. Thomas Jane will star.

News of "The Mist" shooting in Shreveport has been confirmed officially.

I just reported the following on

A horror movie based on a Stephen King short story will begin shooting in Shreveport on or around Feb. 20. “The Mist” will be directed by Frank Darabont. He made “The Green Mile” and “The Shawshank Redemption,” which also were based on works by King.

The movie is being made by Dimension Films, a motion picture unit of The Weinstein Company.

News of “The Mist” being made in Shreveport was confirmed by a spokesperson for The Weinstein Company.

King’s story is about a town in Maine that gets enveloped by a supernatural mist. Mysterious creatures begin attacking humans. A small group of people get trapped in a supermarket and fight to defend themselves and their sanity.

More details to follow. If you're a fan of the story or Darabont's movies, let me know.


Stephen said...

I'm a fan of Darabont's work. The fact that he's scribing this film (with The Weinstein Co producing) gives me high hopes!

Sammy said...

This story was absolutely crazy. Prehistoric like creatures and ridiculously giant spiders are awesome. But the people inside also start getting stir crazy and forming alliances with different ideas. This could have been done as a cheesy TV movie, but hopefully with the right crew they can turn this into a decent film.

Shane Bevel said...

This is a great story. One of King's best mid-length tales IMHO. About 100 pages. They made a 3D audio book of it that was really pretty good. Nice set of headphones will have you jumping and looking over your shoulder. I agree with Sammy that it could have become a horrid TNT film. Glad they held off to do it right.

Jeff Benson said...

This fact is also noted on King's own official Web site in the news section .... Dated Jan. 12.
Update on The Mist:
"We have received news from Frank Darabont's office that Dimension will be producing The Mist along with Darkwood Productions. Shooting is scheduled to begin February 20th in Shreveport, LA. Casting choices will be announced soon."