Wednesday, January 24, 2007

'The Guardian' loves us

Shreveport gets some solid play in the DVD extras of "The Guardian." Anyone working to lure productions here would do well to share the "Making Waves" featurette with prospects. For a few of its 11 minutes, producers basically say they like us. A lot.

Perhaps more interestingly, movie fans will see more local scenery and movie extras in "Making Waves" and the deleted scenes. My favorite? A strange laudromat scene I can't place. Shreveport? Bossier City? Minden? It's the nicest laudromat on the planet. ... Must be the lighting.

The 10-minute tribute to the U.S. Coast Guard reads like a recruitment film. I'm sure Coasties will be thrilled.

This is not a negative for viewers, though.

Having spent time on set talking to the crew, I can tell you the sentiments are genuine. Director Andrew Davis has huge respect for what the Coasties do, and his call to get the story right was obviously answered by his cast.

Also, lots of Coast Guard consultants were working on the project (as you'll see on the DVD). You get a better sense of how important they were to making the stunts and training scenes look authentic.

I personally wish the DVD had more extras, but I'm sure I'll find them on a future edition. And at $18, should I really complain? What I do love about the DVD is the image quality. This transfer is super sharp, and the sound rocks.

If you watch the extras, let me know what you think.

Photo: Greg Pearson/The Times. Not for reuse. Actor Kevin Costner is hoisted into the body of a helicopter during a rescue scene on the set of "The Guardian" in Shreveport. (Feb. 19, 2005.)


Chris Jay said...

Insanely enough, that laundromat is the new one on Highland Ave., near the intersection of Highland and King's Hwy. The one by the Wendy's.

Anonymous said...

I watched everything and then watched the movie again with the commentary. There is a lot of talk about Shreveport, all quite favorable.