Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Texas gets in the incentive game

The following story from the Austin American-Statesman should interest the Louisiana movie industy. Will this move by Texas affect Louisiana productions?

Governor wants more Hollywood to Texas
$20 million incentive package proposed for filmmakers.

By Mike Ward
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Moving to stop what they describe as the growing evaporation of Texas' filmmaking industry, Gov. Rick Perry and other state leaders are pushing for a $20 million incentive plan to keep the cameras rolling in the Lone Star State.

Officials on Monday confirmed the first details of the plan, which is designed to lure production companies to Texas with cash grants. Several neighboring states began offering similar incentives in 2003, and since then, more than $704 million in production budgets and 4,500 jobs have gone to other states, according to the Texas Film Commission.

"We are at a severe competitive disadvantage with other states, and if we do not approve a film incentive package, Texas is going to see hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs migrate to other states," said Ted Royer, Perry's deputy press secretary.

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