Monday, March 24, 2008

'Anything for the Game' cast

A few readers have been asking about who's been cast in BPCC's upcoming shoot for "Anything for the Game." The student film will be shot during June. Here goes:

Jake - Tom Duvall
Brandon - Michael Greene
Mike - Brad Silmon
Julia - Sarah Taylor
Ashley - Tori Davis
Lauren - Candace Scott
Susan - Heather Bloom
John - John Snell
Earl - Terry Milam
Coach Pan - Cornell Walker
Nugget - Scott Glaslow
Principal Anderson - Tim Hickey
Chris - Jamie Norwood
Ms. Hatchett - Paula Kaszuba
Coach Smith - Herman Johnson, Jr.

Directors - Eric Tuxen
Producers - Larry Powell and Paula Kaszuba
Executive Producer - Tom Carleton
Screenwriter - Jonathan Posey

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mahogani (the media goddess) said...

hey a. kent ... i was a part of the casting team for the movie and would like to say congrats to our cast!

Please add that Moses Munoz (with the tilde over the N) will play MARK

... and anyone interested in being an extra (the movie shoots the entire month of June, mostly in Haughton) please e-mail us at ... We especially need high school students (or young-LOOKING adults and baseball players 15 and up.